Prof. Dr. Ann Blair

Research activities in Halle

Evening lecture as part of the Workshop «Hidden Hands. Methods of Collaboration in Early Modern Europe», June 9th, 2015, IZEA, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

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Curriculum Vitae

Following ample activities in research and education, such as Henry Charles Lea Professor of History at Harvard University (2005-2015), the highly renowned historian was appointed as Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor since January 2016 (→ Personal Website)

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Research interests

Cultural and intellectual history of early modern Europe (16th-17th centuries), with an emphasis on France

History of the book and of reading

History of the disciplines and of scholarship

History of interactions between science and religion

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Publications (a selection)


Hidden Hands: amanuenses and authorship in early modern Europe. Philadelphia [forthcoming]

Too Much To Know: managing scholarly information before the modern age. New Haven and London 2010

The Theater of Nature: Jean Bodin and Renaissance Science. Princeton 1997

Edited volumes

For the Sake of Learning: Essays in Honor of Anthony Grafton. Co-edited with A. S. Goeing. Leiden [forthcoming]

Note-Taking in Early Modern Europe. Co-edited with R. Yeo [=Intellectual History Review 20,3 (2010)]

Toward a Cultural History of Archives. Co-edited with J. Milligan [=Archival Science 7,4 (2007)]

The Transmission of Culture in Early Modern Europee. Co-edited with A. Grafton. Philadelphia 1990

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Articles (2010-)

Authorial Strategies in Jean Bodin. In: The Reception of Bodin. Ed. by H. A. Lloyd. Leiden 2013), pp. 137-156

Revisiting Renaissance Encyclopaedism. In: Encyclopaedism from Antiquity to the Renaissance. Ed. by J. König and G. Woolf. Cambridge 2013, pp. 377-397

Neo-Latin in North America. In: Brill Encyclopedia of Neo-Latin. Ed. by J. Bloemendal, Ch. Fantazzi and Ph. Ford. Leiden 2014, pp. 883-884

Principes et pratiques de la pédagogie humaniste et réformée. In: Enseignement secondaire formation humaniste et société, XVIe-XXIe siècle (a volume commemorating the 450th anniversary of the founding of Calvin’s Academy in Geneva). Ed. by Ch. Magnin, Ch. A. Muller and B. Extermann. Geneva 2012, pp. 39-67

Afterword: Rethinking Western Printing with Chinese Comparisons. In: Knowledge and Text Production in an Age of Print. China, 900-1400. Ed. by L. Chia and H. de Weerdt. Leiden 2011, pp. 349-360

Tables et index dans le livre de savoir en Europe moderne. In: Lieux de Savoir. Vol. 2: Les Mains de I’intellect. Ed. by Ch. Jacob. Paris 2011, pp. 552-569

Introduction. In: Archival Science 10,3 (2010), pp. 195-200 [special issue: Archival Knowledge Cultures in Europe 1400-1900. Ed. by R. Head]

The Rise of Note-Taking in Early Modern Europe. In: Intellectual History Review 20,3 (2010), pp. 303-316

[Co-authored with P. Stallybrass] Mediating Information 1450-1800. In: This Is Enlightenment. Ed. by C. Siskin and W. B. Warner. Chicago 2010, pp. 139-163